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Make Your Product or Service İntroductions Locally or Globally

"Target your awareness to customers in specific countries, regions or cities, or at a certain distance from your store."


How Do I Contact Foreign Companies?

Want to introduce your products to Swedish companies?

" möbel företag "   Furniture companies, when called or

" vindkraftverk   "   When the wind turbine search is done, your company will appear.

You can easily reach many foreign companies and your target audience.


You are a machine manufacturer company and you want to find customers abroad.

In Russia, "водяной насос" a search was made for "an" "Water Pump."

Or, "Wasserpumpe" search was made from Germany.


Here, users are directed to your company and they can find the product they need on your site. 


You are a medical device manufacturer and would like to export your products to African countries.

In Arabic, " جدول التشغيل "  "Surgery Table" when the search is done, they are redirected to your site. 


In the digital world we live in, it's not hard to reach customers anymore. Digital export is a much faster and more result-oriented business than traditional methods used by many companies. Many companies have seen the benefits of digital exports and are trying to capture opportunities in digital exports.

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