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You Are Easily Found From Abroad

"For companies who want to increase the awareness of the brand abroad or who want to reach new customers, different language options can be organized in multiple countries at the same time."

yurt dışı reklamlar

Customers Looking for Products or Services From Abroad are Directed to Your Site

You may find it difficult to tell what you want when you try to communicate with people who do not speak the same language. Similarly, you want your promotions on app to be shown to customers who can understand them.

Language targeting allows you to select the language of the sites where you want your company to be shown.


Suppose you sell coffee beans on the internet and want to target Spanish-speaking customers.


With Spanish apps and keywords, you can build an infrastructure that targets the Spanish language. This is a very useful method with foreign publicity.


Your coffee ad can be shown when your customers who have set your interface language to Spanish and who speak it can search for your keywords.


Customers who have set the interface language to English are not shown even if they search in Spanish.  Therefore, it is useful to target only the Spanish language to the users.

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